Beauty on the Inside and Out


True beauty is about more than just products. The health of your skin is very connected to your overall health and our skin is in many ways a window to what’s happening inside our body. We are learning every day through research that the same behaviors and diet that keep our bodies healthy also keep our skin healthy. This is great for me as a doctor, because while my patients (or my audience) may get tired of hearing me talking about diet and exercise, I know they all want to LOOK good – and so do I as a matter of fact!

Here are my 3 secrets to staying healthy and beautiful both on the inside and on the outside:

1. You Really Are What You Eat. The link between food and beauty is incredibly powerful. Just by changing your diet, you can considerably change the way you look and feel. Digestion is the key that can elevate your beauty to the next level, or adversely, worsen your skin conditions. In fact, breakouts and acne can be a reflection of what is happening in your intestines. Processed, refined and sugary foods do not digest easily in the human body and can actually stay lodged in your gut for an extended period of time due lack of fiber which helps to move it out. This, in turn, can cause inflammation that affects your healthy gut balance and thus, your overall digestion and appearance of your skin. That’s why it is important to make greens, fruits, fatty fish, nuts and whole-grains part of your everyday diet. When I first wake up, I drink a large glass of water and eat fat-free yogurt mixed with flax seed powder and berries. So already I am having a healthy dose of probiotics, omega3s and antioxidants along with a hydration boost, and I have only been up for 10 minutes! For lunch and dinner, I always make sure that three quarters of my plate are filled with veggies.

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2. Beauty Routine. What I find really interesting is that the same ingredients that are good for our health internally can also be used topically to protect and nourish our skin. That’s why I decided to incorporate in my own TULA skin care line a patented probiotic technology that uses a probiotic extract as a foundation of the regimen along with other nutritious ingredients to improve the health of your skin. Probiotics have always fascinated me but now more than ever as recent research shows us that they have a variety of applications, including powerful skin care benefits. Not only do studies show that ingesting probiotic supplements can help with skin conditions such as eczema or acne, but the topical application of probiotic compounds can also improve skin health in many ways. When we are talking about products, being consistent is very important. Serums and eye creams don’t work in one day – but with the right regimen, if you use it consistently, you should see results.

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3. Balance. There is no miracle in a bottle that will give you great skin if you are not living a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will put a sparkle in your eyes, add glow to your hair, and clarify your complexion. Finding and learning how to stay balanced is the key to healthy looking skin. Most of us lead hectic and busy lives, often forgetting to take a proper care of ourselves. However, it is truly important to find the time to decompress. A balanced life depends on a lot of factors. Getting enough sleep, exercising and managing stress can all help you stay balanced and beautiful. Being active is one of the best ways for me to keep my mind and body in balance. Even 15 minutes of yoga or meditation can quiet the mind and refresh your body, revealing a more glowing complexion.

Dr. Raj

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