Simplify Your Life: 7 Tips for Mindful Living

In this era of consumerism, it’s easy to lose focus on what really matters in life. We’ve compiled a list of seven things you can do to minimize distraction and disorder in your everyday life.


Sick of Spin Class? Three Fitness Classes to Try

If you find yourself getting bored doing tap-backs or feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your results from spin class, don’t throw the towel out on boutique fitness classes just yet.


Aromatherapy: Scents to Improve your Mood

Simply inhaling specific scents can dramatically improve your mood. Next time you’re feeling angry, sad, or tired, try smelling an essential oil that is specialized to combat your particular affliction!

trouble falling asleep

Having Trouble Falling Asleep? Try These Four Things

Trouble falling asleep? We have compiled a list of strategies proven to help you fall asleep faster. Next time you’re having trouble sleeping, try one, some, or all of these five tricks!

nastia liukin

In Balance With: Nastia Liukin

Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin has never taken things slow. It is her everlasting ambition and remarkable entrepreneurial spirit that makes us wonder how this balance beam champion manages to balance it all.


Homemade yogurt: A healthy treat for 4th of July

Today, Tiffany Zhou shares with us one of her favorite pastimes — making homemade yogurt!

Ashley Brooke

In Balance With: Ashley Brooke

Ashley’s passion for creating a collection of lifestyle products that are encouraging, useful, and a little bit sassy is what inspired us to learn more about her approach to finding beauty and balance.


Chicory Root: The Power of Prebiotics

Chicory root is an ingredient that nourishes the probiotics in your gut to help you achieve that healthy balance we’re always talking about—both in your digestive track and in your skin.

Pollution: The New Silent Enemy?

Do you ever feel like you are literally wiping the city off your face after a day out? Pollution doesn’t only harm the planet—this silent enemy is slowly weakening your skin too.