Creating Your Own Restful Getaway


There’s so much to consider when it comes to leading a wholesome life. We try to stay healthy with exercise, good nutrition, adequate sleep, and minimal stress. We search for natural ingredients for our meals, in our clothing, and in our skin care. We sanitize everything. And we even worry about larger health issues such as global warming and air and water pollution. Then, we try to apply all the above to our family, our pets, and our friends. It’s a lot to juggle!

But wait… what about our home? Whether we live in a studio apartment in Manhattan or a 6-bedroom house in Dallas, keeping our home as healthy as our bodies is often not on our radar. However, considering all the time we spend there, it should be!  Scroll down for the tips!

Photo by Amy Bartlam


Choose restful paint colors for the walls such as greens, blues, or browns. Avoid yellow (promotes anger and frustration), red (incites energy and excitement), black (incites melancholy), and orange (makes you hungry). Exceptions to these should be used sparingly. Restful, warm colors create a sense of comfort and connection and help put you at ease before bed.


Put your lights on dimmers. Dimmers allow you to adjust the light levels to whatever the occasion is: a simple night reading, a romantic getaway, or full light, if you happen to be working at a desk. On the flip side, install room-darkening shades or curtains to ensure that light DOES NOT get in during your sleeping hours.


Consider aromatherapy to promote a more restful environment, or use in other rooms depending on your need. Scent is an important part of your memory, and it can trigger calming responses. The following are popular aromatherapy scents: lemon (for concentration, calming), lavender (controls stress, calming), jasmine (a natural anti-depressant, confidence), cinnamon (for focus and mental energy), and peppermint (for clean thinking).


Clean the clutter with storage baskets and bins that organize your stuff and cut down on dust. A clean space makes for better peace of mind. (Not to mention, it cuts down on germs.)


Remove all distracting devices such as your TV (unless you can hide it in a cupboard) flashing lights from alarm clocks, your computer, and your smart phone. Electronics have a direct correlation with lighter and more disruptive sleep cycles. You’ll feel more rested if you allow yourself to disconnect.

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