The FDA agrees: not all bacteria are bad


We’ve been told countless times that soap and water won’t clean your hands as well as antibacterial products. These soaps and body washes have been marketed as scientifically proven to be more effective compared to other products, especially during the winter months and flu season.

On September 2nd, however, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that not only are antibacterial washes ineffective in fighting disease-causing bacteria, but they also can be dangerous. These antibacterial products contribute to the growth of drug-resistant bacteria and can lead to health problems by destroying the helpful bacteria that live on our bodies. They can also disrupt our hormones and, after being washed off, flow down the drain to possibly cause environmental damage to plants and animals. Ultimately, they can enter the food chain and cause harm to our bodies from the inside out.

In 2017, companies will no longer be able to sell any antibacterial washes that contain one or more of 19 specific ingredients including the two most commonly used in antibacterial soap, Triclosan and Triclocarban. FDA studies have shown that Triclosan can not only kill good bacteria on our hands but also disrupt out hormones leading to issues such as infertility, impaired brain development and heart function. One of the FDA’s main concerns is that the use of antibacterial products will increase growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, making it very difficult to fight disease with antibiotics.

Rather than destroy both the good and bad bacteria that lives on our hands, the TULA Hand & Nail therapy promotes the natural balance of good bacteria, supplying the same anti-inflammatory nutritive elements to your skin that are known to help foster internal health. It also contains 18% Shea Butter, which is intensely hydrating and provides non-greasy, fast-absorbing moisture. Our hands are first to reveal the signs of aging, but showing your hands some love can help to reverse this process.


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