Girls Night in With TULA


“My girlfriends and I always share when we try a new mask and whether we liked it or not.  And, they all know that my favorite mask, hands down, is TULA’s Exfoliating Treatment Mask.  It cleans my skin so well, and exfoliates so much that when I wash it off I feel like I have a brand new layer of skin!

Since I got completely hooked on TULA almost 8 months ago now, I feel like I tell everyone I meet about it.  One of my girlfriends joked that if I could convince people on two things in life, it would be Jesus & TULA, and I would have to agree!

I don’t have the easiest skin; I’ve been on Accutane, I have melasma (ugh!), and dry skin on top of all of that.  But, TULA products have been the only ones I have been completely happy with.  I’m totally that girl that will try a skincare product out for a month or so and think I love it, but soon I find myself shopping for something different.  So not the case with these products.  Every single one I try, I’m hooked.  You should see my medicine cabinet”

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