Nightly Skin Care Routine with TULA


“TULA products added much needed brightness into my life! TULA uses probiotic technology to implement the ideal balance in your skin, just as dietary probiotics do in your belly!

I use the cleanser and the moisturizing cream both in the morning and the evening nearly religiously. I use thePurifying Face Cleanser with my Clarisonic cleansing system and simply rub the lotion in a circular motion with my fingers. Twice weekly, I sleep with the exfoliating mask overnight! While they only recommend five to  ten minutes, I adore the sense of refreshment waking up in the morning with a bright face. Recently, TULA has released a hydrating facial mist which is ideal for the summer months. I have yet to try it, but you can expect to find it in my cart on my next round of restocking.”

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