Products for Sensitive Skin & Marks


“I’ve tried this brand for a month now and I truly did see a difference (…). If I get a blemish or my skin peels from sensitivity [which can happen a lot] I’m left with this soft red scar for months on end! It can be really frustrating and I have to use mederma like it is candy. When I started this I had about two little spots that wouldn’t go away and I’m not even exaggerating when I say they were gone in a week after using the TULA mask. So while I know that is a rare symptom most don’t have, if you do have dark spots or soft scars I really think this would help!


While you may not deal with scars or red marks, the balancing of TULA is great because your skin levels have to stay balanced so you don’t get on one end of the spectrum [acne] or the other [wrinkles].”

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