Having Trouble Falling Asleep? Try These Four Things


Trouble falling asleep? Lying in bed tossing and turning as the minutes turn into hours—we’ve all been there. Luckily, we have compiled a list of strategies proven to help you fall asleep faster! Next time you’re having trouble sleeping, try one, some, or all of these four tricks.


  1. Move your clock

It feels like you’ve been lying in bed staring at the ceiling for 12 hours. You check your clock; 12 minutes have passed. Sound familiar? Instead of stressing about having to wake up in a few hours, stash your clock away. Checking the clock and worrying about the time only makes it harder for you to relax and fall asleep.


  1. Imagine your happy place

Picture a setting that makes you feel relaxed and content. In an Oxford University study published in Behavior Research and Therapy, insomniacs who were told to imagine a relaxing scene fell asleep 20 minutes faster than insomniacs who were told to count sheep or do nothing at all.


  1. Turn down the thermostat

Your internal body temperature helps to regulate your biological body clock. As you fall asleep, your body temperature drops. Some experts believe that this temperature change actually helps you to fall asleep. Therefore, lowering the temperature in your room can help you to fall asleep faster. The National Sleep Foundation recommends setting the temperature in your bedroom to between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for the most ideal sleeping conditions.


  1. Take a hot shower

Warming your body up with a hot shower an hour before bed and then stepping into cooler air will cause your body temperature to drop more precipitously. Studies show that this rapid temperature decrease slows your metabolism faster and prepares your body for sleep. “Showers can also be very relaxing, so that helps, too,” says Meltzer. If you shower every night around the same time, making it part of a consistent bedtime routine, you’ll see the most sleep value from it, she adds. “Then your body has an expectation of what’s coming next.”

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