TULA Skin Care Review


“First off, I loved how all the products smelled. Like most women, the first thing we do before trying out a product is open the packaging and smell it. Smell is one of the biggest selling points for me. TULA products have a fresh scent with hints of sweetness like flowers. The scent of clean already begins to make my skin feel better. Second, all the products are lightweight yet nourishing. You feel them penetrate the skin giving it the nourishment it needs. And lastly, their exfoliating mask does not irritate sensitive skin. Having sensitive skin, I am unable to put certain masks on my face because it will begin to burn my skin. But I don’t have that problem with this product.

I’ve been using the TULA purifying face cleanser to wash my face in the mornings. This gel formula quickly lathers up, without stripping my skin of its natural oils. I have sensitive skin so I love a gentle cleanser that easily takes off my makeup and cleans my entire face with just a tiny sized amount.As a women in my 30’s, eye cream is very important. This eye cream helps reduce any fine lines as well as add life to the skin underneath the eyes.

The illuminating face serum is lightweight but not oily, which is exactly what I need. I use it before the day & night cream and I feel like it definitely brightens and smooths my skin. The hydrating day and night cream is probably the most important thing I apply to my face. Recently my skin has become more dry in certain areas but I have an oily t-zone. This moisture cream is lightweight but packs a good punch of hydration to the skin. And best of all it doesn’t make my t-zone oily throughout the day. The mask was probably my favorite product that I received from TULA. I love how it rejuvenates and revitalizes my skin. I use this product about twice a week to remove any dead skin and clean up my pores. And since using it, my skin has become softer and clear giving it that healthy glow.”

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