TULA’s Urban Defense Hydrating Mist


“Tula is an absolute staple of my skincare routine. I love their exfoliating face mask (actually I’m obsessed with it), and now I have officially added to my beauty rotation Tula’s brand new Urban Defense Hydrating Mist.

I tried it. Friends, it’s in fact, magical.

After about a week of using the Hydrating Mist I found that there are a few ways to use it, which I love! I use it both immediately after I wash my face and as a “freshener” over my make-up throughout the day. My favorite thing about it works as a moisturizer during the Summer months. Since I live in Florida, putting a moisturizer on is almost silly. In the heat my makeup literally melts off my face pretty much as soon as I put it on, so THIS is a Summer game changer. It’s hands down my new favorite skin care product right now!”

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