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In Balance With: Whitney & Danielle

As former model and actress, Danielle DuBoise endured a long battle with body image issues. As former Wall Street banker, Whitney Tingle struggled with stress and acne. Both shared a determination to make a change and teamed up to help others feel beautiful in their own bodies and empower themselves through food. The pair founded Sakara Life, a meal delivery program that offers plant-based, organic and nutrient-dense whole foods using the freshest, purest, most loving ingredients from around the world. It’s their dedication to health and wellness that made us us curious to learn more about how they find balance and beauty in life.

Sakara Life

  • I find balance in…

    WT: Greens and yoga.

    DD: Clean, healing foods, and sweaty nights on the dance floor.

  • In the morning I like to…

    WT: Do some gentle stretching to wake up my muscles.

    DD: Turn on some music and pretend my phone doesn’t exist.

  • Beauty obsession of the moment…

    WT: Sakara Beauty Water – it keeps me glowing all summer!

    DD: Sakara Botanical Body Formula– aka probiotics! Beauty from the inside out.

  • One piece of health advice you would give to your younger self?

    WT: it’s not a skin issue, it’s a gut issue. Heal that first.

    DD: The only things calories tell you is how much energy your food would release if we set it on fire. Count nutrients, not calories.

  • What makes you crack up with laughter?

    WT: animals doing human things

    DD: Cat videos

  • Healthy habit you’d like to adopt?

    WT: 8 hours of sleep every night!

    DD: More hours of the day where I’m not staring at a screen.

  • Your guilty pleasure(s)…

    WT: My weekend treat is the flakiest, most decadent breakfast pastry I can find, but I don’t consider them guilty. Life is all about balance 🙂 DD: Super-high-quality dark chocolate, every single day. And ya- no such thing as guilty pleasures… just pleasures!

  • What was the last song you sang in the shower?

    WT/DD: Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

  • I can’t live without my…

    WT: Greens. Seriously, my body would not make it.

    DD: Quarterly trips to Sedona

  • My super power is …

    WT: Manifestation…we can all turn #thoughtstothings.

    DD: Making up my own rules… that work!

  • Cause closest to your heart?

    WT: Environment. I love nature. Eating plant-based is one way to help with global warming too!

    DD: Cutting edge research for fighting and curing chronic diseases with food.


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